What to look for In a Permanent Cosmetics Training Academy

There are a lot of places out there offering training in permanent cosmetics- but how do you know if a school is right for you, or if they’ve only been in business for 6 months? In California, for example, only a certificate is required, and some states don’t have any licensing requirement for permanent makeup artists at all, meaning someone inexperienced could be training you to perform procedures. Here’s a bullet point list of how to evaluate a permanent makeup training center:

  1. Do they offer a complete curriculum, including color theory, anesthetic use, sterilization of instruments and cross- contamination?
  2. Are there more than 3 students per class?
  3. Is there any practical work involved- do you get to work on a live model? Are you just watching the instructor? When you do work on a live model, is there a 1 to 1 student to instructor ratio?
  4. Are they only offering 3-5 days of instruction instead of a full week?
  5. Are they offering a slick sales pitch, or seemingly too-good-to-be-true pricing?
  6. Do they provide any post-training support to students?
  7. Are their instructors highly experienced, with hundreds of treatments?
  8. Do they charge extra for supplies? Do you get photos to start a portfolio with?
  9. Do they offer advanced classes in specialized areas of permanent cosmetics?

At Huntington Academy of Permanent Cosmetics, your training is from a world-renowned educator. You will get hands-on practical experience with a minimum of 6 live models- there’s just no substitute for real skin. We’ve been in Orange County since 1994 and have trained students from all over the US, Canada and Europe. All of our technicians graduate with 100 hours of training in a beginners course. It takes time- hundreds, even thousands of hours to perfect a skill. Make sure you’re getting your training from the best of the best- Huntington Academy