I loved it, I’m going to miss you guys. Amazing job. The course was well organized and the instructors were amazing.

Linsey (Costa Mesa, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Thanks to all of you for the best training in the 7 Day Permanent Cosmetic class. Hope to see you all again for another Advanced class.

Amanda (Bothell, WA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Thank you so much for creating such a thorough and well organized program. I could not have hoped for a better learning experience! Thank you for your instruction, demonstration, and support. Every instructor has been truly outstanding and I am very excited to start working in this field. You are wonderful!

Lindsay (Long Beach, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Thank you for my recent class at the Academy. Your knowledge and expertise, the instructors you chose, and the curriculum was very helpful and gave me a broad understanding of permanent makeup. I plan on returning to visit and watch all you have going on, plus add some continuing classes in the future.

Lara (San Francisco, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

I loved learning here with you guys. The course was very easy and well planned. Thank you so much for everything. Love you guys!

Ashley (Lake Havasu City, AZ) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Course was organized, professional, and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Huntington Academy to anyone interested. Thank You!

Erin (Torrance, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Really enjoyed the one-on-one training. Class and instructions were presented clearly. Definitely will recommend anyone asking or looking to learn this trade.

Marvis (Corona, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

The course met my expectations and was well organized. Very orderly in a professional way. Very lovingly and professional with clients. It was nice having 3 teachers showing different ways of techniques. I will use what makes sense from all the teachers and make it my own to practice every day.

Katie (Redondo Beach, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Amazing hands-on. Appreciated the process in which we were taught before practice on models. Four instructors with similar yet different perspectives was so valuable. Amazing!

Caitlin (San Diego, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Really a great class, very well organized and fun. Gives an overall education and the instructors are very encouraging and knowledgeable.

Kristen (Newport Beach, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Every instructor was thorough, and an amazing teacher/instructor. Grateful for my experience at the Huntington Academy.

Tiffany (Fountain Valley, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

What a wonderful course you created. The flow of it makes the initial butterflies go away more quickly, and the confidence grows. The size of the class was the best part, and I got the hands-on teaching that I learn best with. Dale and Jeff were amazing at helping us retain information. Beyond what I expected, I learned so much

Chanelle (La Mirada, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

So happy to have found Huntington Academy. Their instructors are the best and they have ongoing education

Donna (Trabuco Canyon, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

The school was fast-paced but very informative and hands on, which will help me as my stepping stone in my new career as a Permanent Cosmetic Technician. Thank you.

Selenia (Little Rock, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to learn Permanent Make-up. I really loved my week, thank you.

Lisa (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Such a great experience. Thank you for all your dedication and patience.

Cynthia (Rocklin, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Very happy with my experience. I can’t wait to go home and start. I am so happy we were given so many handouts, they will come in handy as a reference guide.

Heather G (Bakersfield, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

I was recommended this course, and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you Jeff, for putting this amazing class together. Courses are very affordable, I’ll definitely be back to learn more.

Erika (Imperial Beach, CA) ~ CONT ED CLASSES

Had a wonderful time, really enjoyed this training, I learned a great deal. The instructors were amazing, thorough, and helpful. Thank you so much, can’t wait to return for advanced education.

Michon (Sacramento, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

My expectations were better than I anticipated. Instructors were very thorough and made the class fun and less stressful.

Kim (Joshua Tree, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

I only purchase my supplies and I only get my education from Huntington Academy!

Heather M (Bakersfield, CA) ~ ADV and CONT ED CLASSES

Fabulous, patient teachers that give you the tools needed for beginning students like myself. Class was fun, packed with a ton of information. Loved it, thank you!

Naomi (Long Beach, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

Very thorough and precise course, I finally learned color theory. Very well organized, clean and I understood all of the materials. They are very honest, the Instructor was funny and I enjoyed every minute of it.


The course was excellent and met my expectations. Instructors were equally great to work with. There is a lot to learn, but they made it all easy to understand.

Jessica (Santa Rosa, CA) ~ 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS

The Best! Thank you to everyone! For all the help that I got in this class. The course was well organized and the materials were presented thoroughly. The instructors are professional, the very best!

Theresa (Vero Beach, FL) ~ 7 DAY iBROW CLASS

The course was very informative and the Instructors were patient and presented the materials thoroughly. Caitlin is a great addition! The course was well organized with clear instructions, and going through the class kit was nice. I enjoyed the whole class, appreciated going over market pricing for procedures, as well as marketing ideas.

Monique (Riverside, CA) - 7 DAY iBROW CLASS

I’m so happy I chose to take this iBrow Class! It was very thorough and I now feel well prepared to take on my own clients with the education I received here at Huntington Academy.

Ashlee (Milpitas, CA) - 7 DAY iBROW CLASS

Amazing hands-on, comprehensive learning in a very supportive and encouraging environment. I absolutely feel confident on my own. The training was thorough and I enjoyed both my instructors a lot, they care and want me to be successful. The course was well organized and going through Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips individually was good….and a day of color theory. The training was excellent, the pre-study and hands-on practice can’t be beat! I looked all over for the best training and found it at Huntington Academy! Thank you so much for having such an impact on my life, you are game changers!

Kara (Lynnwood, WA) - 7 DAY PRIMARY CLASS