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Here at Faces Etc. we offer full face makeup, removal, color correction, and breast re-pigmentation. Whatever you choose, permanent makeup will allow you to always look and feel your best. Using only “state of the art” equipment and the highest quality pigments, we can offer the client a pleasant experience with less pain, less trauma, faster healing, great color retention and less touch ups. We are changing the lives of our clients by offering a subtle change or a complete transformation.

Our Technicians have decades of experience, are considered pioneers and experts in the field of Permanent Cosmetics, as well as Instructors for our sister company Huntington Academy of Permanent Cosmetics, and have trained students from all over the world. It is our pleasure to offer you 2 locations to meet your desires and give you exactly what you want. Originally opening our doors in Huntington Beach, California in 1994 , we are now located in 2 locations… Tustin, California and Bend, Oregon.

We offer a full range of Permanent Cosmetics for clients at Faces Etc., as well as a Permanent Makeup Training programs. Please browse our Services for more details and an overview of each procedure. If you are interested in being one of our amazing clients, part of our student family, or just have questions,  please call us at (714) 841-5442 or contact us by clicking here.

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Faces Etc. Makeup Services Include:

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During your consultation we will discuss your skin type, preparation, numbing, color, shape and aftercare. Make an appointment for a free consultation (714) 841-7422. Video Consultations may be available during Covid19, please call or e-mail us to request a video consult.

Eyebrows frame your face and are the most important part of your expression and facial appearance! We can create full eyebrows or just complement your natural eyebrow. The eyebrows are created according to the latest hair stroke techniques, where each hair is individually and strategically placed for a perfect, natural look. Prices range from $150-$500, depending on the procedure and whether it is new, a fill or a touch-up. Follow-up appointments are always included with a new procedure.

* Traditional
* Hair Stroke
* Shaded
* Powdered
* Microblading
* Ombre

No more running eyeliner or smudges! We can give you a subtle lash enhancement or full, wedged eyeliner that will give you an expressive look. Whichever you choose, your eyes will appear younger and will truly pop.  Prices range from $200-$500, depending on the procedure and whether it is new, a fill or a touch-up. Follow-up appointments are always included with a new procedure.

* Lash Enhancement
* Lower and/or Upper
* Wedged

Do your lips need more definition? Do they lack color? We can give you a soft, natural and more defined lip line with color blending into the lip or you can choose a natural or darker full lip color. Note: If you are prone to cold sores, you will need to be on an anti-viral medication prior to the procedure. You can get this from your physician or dentist. Have questions, call us for more details.  Prices range from $200-$750, depending on the procedure and whether it is new, a fill or a touch-up. Follow-up appointments are always included with a new procedure.

*Blended Lip Liner
*Full Lips

Nipple Areola Re-Pigmentation can have a transformative impact on the results of breast reconstruction following a mastectomy or other breast procedure. With proper color selection, shaping and placement, we will work to achieve natural looking breast(s).  Prices range from $150-$650, depending on the procedure and whether it is new, a fill or a touch-up. Follow-up appointments are always included with a new procedure.

Would you like to remove or lighten small areas of unwanted pigment? Do you have a double eyebrow tail that needs to be removed, blue or violet eyebrows, or a lip tattoo that needs to be lightened or corrected? We are specialists in Color Theory and can help with lightening or correcting. For removal, we use a salt removal process. More than one visit may be needed for these procedures.  Prices range from $150-$750, depending on the procedure, whether it is new, a fill or a touch-up, or if it is removal that requires more than 1 visit. Follow-up appointments are always included with a new procedure.

To get a quote on a procedure and/or set-up a free consultation, please call our office at (714) 841-7422.

You may also call direct to the technicians during work hours on weekdays:
Jeff Becker (714) 655-5273
Karen Holvey (442) 484-2128

 New procedures include a follow up appointment approximately 4-6 weeks following your procedure.
  • If you are sick or not feeling well, please stay home and reschedule your appointment.
  • Upon entry, you will have your temperature taken and sanitize your hands. Sanitizer will be available.
  • All guests must wear a face mask on our premises. If you do not have one or forget it, we will provide a sterile, disposable face mask for you.
  • If you are having a lip procedure done, the technician will remove your mask for the procedure and take all necessary precautions for your safety and ours.
  • We ask that you come at your appointment time. The waiting room area will only be available for a few minutes prior to your appointment. If you are early or we’re not yet ready for you, we will ask that you wait outside or in your vehicle.
  • Please do not bring friends or family members with you, they will not be allowed to wait in the waiting area or in the procedure room.
  • All staff will be wearing face masks and will sanitize as they arrive. Temperatures will also be taken and all Technicians will be wearing sterile disposable gloves and procedure gowns. These are changed out between each model.
  • With the nature of our business, we already practice and go beyond the highest level of sterilization processes and cleanliness and meet all health requirements.
  • Each procedure room is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized after each guest. We use only sterile and one-time use disposable supplies.
  • We will take care of any payment and future appointment scheduling in the procedure room following your appointment.
  • All retail orders must be done online or by phone, we no longer offer product pick-up at this location.
Thank you for following these guidelines set forth by our County and State health organizations. They are a precaution and they will #slowthespread #coronavirus #socialdistancing #staysafe

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