What to Know Before Getting Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner Applied

Are you thinking of getting a permanent cosmetics application? Perhaps you hate how much time it takes to put your eyeliner on, it’s too difficult to get it to look good, or you aren’t able to be as precise as you’d like. For any of these reasons- and others- your solution may be permanent eyeliner, applied by the permanent cosmetics experts at Huntington Academy.

The preparation for receiving a permanent makeup application is a lot like that for preparing for any other tattoo. This means avoiding blood thinners- even things like aspirin- as many as 3 days before the procedure to minimize potential bleeding. If you are prescribed blood thinners, please consult with your doctor before stopping your medication. Avoiding eyelash growth enhancing products such as Latisse is also necessary as these products dramatically increase blood flow. As with any permanent makeup, if you’re considering Botox, it’s best to do the permanent cosmetics first in order to prevent uneven results after the Botox wears off. If you have a serious illness that may compromise your immune system’s ability to heal, you may not be an ideal candidate- make sure you check with your physician. If you’re pregnant or nursing, you should not have any permanent makeup or other tattoos done.

It’s also important to remove any lash extensions up to a week before your cosmetic procedure. You want to give the glue in them time to dissipate, as adhesive left on the eyelash line could interfere with applying the ink. Contact lenses should also be removed before the procedure- and you should plan on a few days without them, afterwards, as your eyes may be swollen or tender. However, many clients are able to put their contacts back in the same day.

The procedure takes an hour or more, depending on the type of permanent eyeliner application you are interested in. Figure in time for completing consent forms, the pre-procedure numbing process (which could take up to 30 minutes) and going over aftercare instructions.

In theory, the procedure is painless due to the use of numbing creams and the like- however, everyone has a different pain tolerance, so some clients may only find it minimally uncomfortable where others might experience more discomfort. There’s really no downtime, you can even drive yourself home. However, you should not wear eye makeup (specifically mascara) until you are fully healed- it’s full of bacteria if it isn’t brand new- and don’t use a sauna or pool for a while, either. As with any tattoo, it’s wise to avoid heavy sweating for the first week after the procedure. As with all permanent makeup, you may experience some flaking and peeling during the healing time- DO NOT PICK AT THIS. It’s necessary to keep a light layer of ointment on the area for one week- we advise using Bacitracin for the first two days and then Aquaphor for five days, and you should be fully healed in 7 to 10 days.

How long permanent makeup lasts can vary widely- from one to twenty or more years. To keep it looking fresh, most clients come back for touchups every one to three years. Again, everyone’s skin is different so there are no hard and fast guidelines.

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