Train with the pros at Huntington Academy of Permanent Cosmetics

Train with the best, be the best! Learn from the industry experts and benefit from several decades of experience. We constantly update our training curriculum as the industry evolves so that we can give our students the most comprehensive instruction possible. We’ve been training permanent cosmetics pros since 1994.

We’re very proud of our accomplishments, including the development of our own line of permanent cosmetics pigments- Face Inks. Developed in partnership with one of the premiere, industry leading fabricators, Face Inks are top quality and will give you years of beautiful results.

At Huntington Academy we offer several types of classes- 1 day, 2 day, 4 day and 7 day classes. We also offer private one-on-one classes for as many days needed.

Our marquee classes are our 7 day classes that features practice sessions with live models. Offerings include:

  • The iBrow Class- Beginner’s Fundamental Class for Microblading and Eyebrow Techniques
    • Learn to create eyebrows that look completely natural- learning the proper shape and placement is important, since your eyebrows convey your mood. Learn the popular technique of Microblading, as well as how to apply permanent eyebrows with a machine- as well as which technique is most appropriate for each individual client. This class offers 6-7 live models for each student – overseen by an Instructor at all times.
  • The Primary Class- Beginner’s Fundamental class for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lip Permanent Makeup Techniques
    • Learn to create a natural eyebrow and eyeliner to help give clients a more youthful appearance as well as blended lip liner techniques. Each student will practice on a minimum of 6-8 live models – overseen by an instructor at all times.

The one and two day classes are for continuing education for those working in the field and include:

  • One day Pigment Removal and Color Correction- including live Pigment Removal and Color Correction demonstrations.
    • Learning to color correct and remove small areas of unwanted pigment have become necessary for todays permanent cosmetics practitioners. Learn how to choose the correct color, and not overdo it. Bring your machine and supplies- we’ll practice on foam pads. We will also do a live pigment removal and color correction for you to observe.
  • One day Introduction to Areola Re-Pigmentation (The Breast Class)
    • Plastic surgeons need trained professionals to enhance their services- this class prepares you to work in a medical setting. We’ll supply two workbooks and will also do a live Areola demonstration.
  • Two day Microblading
    • Learn the proper hair pattern for your clients, hair growth and the secrets of shaping, marking and stretching. We will discuss color theory and color formulas made easy. Learn which clients are good candidates for microblading and those who would benefit more from machine procedures. Learn techniques that are done with both a hand tool and machine.

We also have additional courses available in 2 day or 4 day increments as specialized topics, or for refreshers. Please contact us or visit our permanent cosmetics training curriculum page to see what’s currently on offer.