Eyebrow Techniques Class


Of all the permanent cosmetic procedures, Eyebrow procedures are the most popular, but also the most varied when it comes to the different techniques that can be used to achieve what your client is looking for. Depending on who you’re talking to, they can also be the most confusing as to what technique is actually being done because of all the flashy names given to the same thing for marketing purposes. In this class, we will discuss shape, color selection, and the different techniques and combinations of techniques available to us when using a machine and when any particular technique is appropriate or not for a given client. Learn how to re-introduced visible hair strokes on a client who has had their eyebrows done multiple times in the past and has faded to an undesirable color.

*You must be able to provide a copy of a Fundamental Permanent Cosmetics certificate to enroll.
*For Oregon State Licensed Tattoo Artists, you must provide a copy of your license.

  • 8 Hour Continued Education Certificate
  • 1 Day Class
  • 10 Hour/2 Day Course option for Oregon State Licensed Artists
  • Live, Eyebrow Demonstration
  • Workbook Provided
  • Lunch Included

$250.00 Non-Refundable Deposit. Balance due 1 week prior to class date(s).

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Class Dates

July 12, 2021, Pay Now, Schedule Later