How to Start a Permanent Cosmetics Practice

Get licensed

Sure, you’re a great cosmetologist with a ton of talent, but that alone doesn’t qualify you as a permanent makeup professional. Your journey begins with proper certification; many states require a license to perform these types of permanent cosmetics procedures. If you’re not sure about the rules in your state, check with your local and state Department of Health.  Understand that your city or county might have extra rules on top of whatever your state requires–check with both!  Contact the The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals or American Academy of Micropigmentation for additional guidance regarding licensing rules, or for help finding a qualified trainer. You’ll have to get your Blood Borne Pathogen Certification, go through training and practice, practice, practice!

Get the proper equipment

Tattoo machine

Huntington Academy carries the most popular brands of machines, pigments, needles, topical anesthetics and all the supplies and accessories you need to start your Permanent Cosmetics business service. Shop our line of Nouveau Contour digital devices and disposable safety needles from the industry leader since 1997. We also carry Mei-Cha machines, needles and supplies.


Face Inks Pigments are manufactured in the U.S. using the highest quality colorants available in the industry, resulting in excellent color retention and superior results. Face Inks Pigments have been streamlined for simplicity, allowing you to achieve any shade with the least amount of color mixing. Each shade has been designed and tested by permanent cosmetic professionals who collectively have more than 60 years of color knowledge and experience. The Face Inks color descriptions describe pigment undertones and refers to the Fitzpatrick Scale of sun reactive skin types to make your pigment selection easier.


Huntington Academy proudly stocks Nouveau Contour Safety needles and Mei-Cha Sapphire Series needles, offering 35 different configurations to cover all of your procedure needs. All of our needles are pre-sterilized, single use and disposable. Unlike many retailers, we pride ourselves on being available for advice so if you need help deciding what needles to use for a particular procedure give us a call or shoot us an email for assistance.

Topical Anesthetics

Our fast-acting topical anesthetics for client pain control are for permanent cosmetics and other skin sensitive procedures. We use these for our clients and in our training center. Click on each anesthetic to view details and their uses.

Microblading Supplies

The wildly popular technique of Microblading has taken the permanent makeup industry by storm. At Huntington Academy you can find all of your microblading needles and accessories from leading brands such as Midas and Harmony by Tina Davies Professional.

Infection control

We carry all the products you will need for infection control. From Sharps biohazard containers, equipment covers and aftercare items, to germicide trays and germicidal concentrate.

Furniture for tattooing

Special furniture that has been designed specifically for tattooing will also be necessary. In fact, most states have strict rules laid out about which types of furniture can safely be used in cosmetic tattooing areas. You’ll also need adequate lighting, seating for technicians, storage and more.

Choose the right location

Any business needs to consider location; it can make or break you. However, when you start a tattoo business (which is what permanent cosmetics are) there may be additional legal considerations- zoning ordinances, for example, might disallow you from setting up in your first choice. Do the research, and pick a spot with high traffic, close to other businesses, shopping and night life.

Interior appearance is important.  You’ll want to design your salon to appeal to your audience. Generally, cosmetic tattooing shops should be luxurious and inviting. Don’t skimp on the interior.

Get insured

Any small business involves a degree of risk, but you can cover yourself with comprehensive tattoo insurance coverage. This will protect you and your business from many issues like liability claims, property damage, theft and more. Don’t risk paying out of pocket- a good insurance policy is a solid investment for your new business.