Karen Holvey

SPCP Trainer Member, SPCP Lifetime Member, Director of Education - CPCP Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional

Karen has a lifetime of experience in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist and make up artist where she excelled at doing platform work and teaching others the newest in coloring and design. Being a natural born instructor, she moved to permanent cosmetics in 1989 and began working closely with many medical professionals and cosmetic surgeons in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. She joined the cosmetic dermatology practice at the Fulton Skin Institute and worked closely with Dr. James Fulton for over 8 years. At the Institute, she began teaching other medical staff, estheticians and makeup artists the art of permanent cosmetics. In 1994 Karen founded the Huntington Academy of Permanent Cosmetics and Faces Etc. in Huntington Beach, CA. Now located in Fountain Valley, CA, Karen is the Director of Education and has constantly updated what many regard to be one of the best training programs available. We pride ourselves in keeping current and delivering the most up to date information in our industry. Karen brings to her students the expertise and first hand account of the advances made throughout the permanent makeup industry since the late eighties. She is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional as well as a Trainer Member through the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). She has to her credit some of the most respected and talented instructors in the field of Permanent Cosmetics, each practicing for a minimum of 15 years and who carry certification and are state licensed. Karen has lectured at numerous professional trade show conferences, cosmetic and laser seminars. She has written articles for medical clinic newsletters as well as Skin Inc. and Cosmetech magazines. She has offered work shops at esthetic conferences and at the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals conferences. Karen has developed several educational DVD's and has written numerous manuals and color theory workbooks for other permanent make-up training centers. Karen specializes in para-medical procedures with a special emphasis in breast repigmentation. Working with some of the finest plastic surgeons in Orange County, she redesigns, repositions and repigments the areola and nipple complex on the breast tissue following a mastectomy to look very natural. She is also an insurance provider for a medical group in Newport Beach, CA and works with other insurance groups to offer these services to breast cancer survivors. She is the only permanent cosmetic practitioner in California that is a direct insurance provider for these services.

Jeff Becker

SPCP Trainer Member - CPCP Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional

Jeff began his career in Permanent Cosmetics in 2000 and has seen many hundreds of clients since. As a Technician and an Instructor, his professionalism, attention to fine details, knowledge of color theory and mastery of hair simulation and growth patterns make his eyebrow designs a work of art. He also specializes in natural looking, whether lash enhancing or thicker wedged, eyeliner and blended lip liner or full color lips. Jeff is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and Trainer Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. He holds his certifications in Permanent Cosmetics...both in Primary and Advanced techniques, Areola Repigmentation, Microblading, Pigment Removal and Color Correction. Jeff is the owner of both Huntington Academy of Permanent Cosmetics and Faces Etc. in Fountain Valley, California.  

Dale Case

SPCP Trainer Member- CPCP Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional

Dale has spent most of her life in the Beauty Industry and is a State of California Licensed Cosmetologist and Electrologist. She started her Permanent Makeup career in 1987 and is one of the best Permanent Makeup Instructors on the planet, and our students adore her. Her lecturing and organizational skills are second to none. She also has over 12 years of experience under the direction of a dermatologist and has received her Para-Medical Certificate. Dale has also been the President and Chairwoman of over six city and national organizations. She is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and Trainer Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. She has been an Instructor with Huntington Academy since 1999 and is a great asset to our school and our students.

Juli Berryhill

Instructor, CPCT

Juli has 38 years of experience in the Beauty & Wellness industry. She’s been a certified permanent makeup artist for the past 12 years. In addition, she is also a licensed esthetician, who has an in depth background as an educator and department head with some of the finest cosmetology schools in Southern California. As a small business owner, Juli has had her own salon, and has worked as an appearance consultant to large businesses and airlines. In her spare time she volunteers with the American Cancer Society’s program, “Look Good, Feel Better”. Her abilities with student education make her a valuable member of our team.

Wendy Becker

Office Manager / Accounting / Retail / Marketing

Wendy joined our team in 2016. She has spent the last 30 years of her life working with accounting is her specialty. She brings office management, retail and marketing experience as well. She handles our accounting, purchasing, retail, our website and other marketing, as well as class scheduling, student enrollment, and classroom prep for our training center.....she keeps Huntington Academy and Faces Etc. running smoothly.

Allison Hamusek

Office Assistant / Marketing / Retail

Allison joined us in 2017. She is experienced in customer service, retail and marketing. She will be taking care of social media marketing for both the Huntington Academy training center and Faces Etc, our model program for the training center, as well as retail and purchasing. We are excited to have her on the team.

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